Sunday, 4 August 2013


My summer style reference has been "sassy japanese ceramicist'. The recent heatwave and my aversion to flashing flesh forced me to think hard about what i could wear without melting completely on the tube. No crop-tops or short-shorts or any other hyphenated rhyming clothing for me unfortunately/fortunately. Instead, I turned to practical smock tops with lots of pockets (for my turning tools, obviously) and easy, breezy cotton pants. Loose and airy. Simple combinations causing minimal fuss in those hot hot mornings. I like to hope that I gave off the vibes of a practical woman. That's not even the best bit - I'm pleased to confirm that the smocks and cullottes also work perfectly in our current damper times. I think my imaginary sass-bomb ceramicist role model would be proud.


Ally said...

I would love to be a Japanese ceramist and totally feel the need for practical clothes. Pockets are a must.

We must meet sometime soon! Would be wonderful to meet in person and eat some delish food

DREAMY said...

I think if I saw you in your sassy ceramicist get-up on the tube, I would definitely try to procure you. I want one of those in my life! I'd probably try to procure you anyway actually. Creepy?

Also, RE last your comment, yes Zara pinstripes! I'm ashamed of how much money I want to give them right now.