Sunday, 16 March 2014

you ate all the shrimp? that's so shellfish.

Those who know me IRL will know that I love shellfish. Steamed, grilled, baked, boiled; I will enthuse about it with gusto. Now they can apply the same principle to faux fur coats. The internet has been going wild over Shrimps for a while and I was previously in a "yeah whatever it seems alright but who needs faux fur in March and i'm not sure orange goes with anything i own" sort of mindset.

But after a sneaky selfie in Opening Ceremony, my mind is changing and my credit card is itching. Given the impending release of Shrimps on Net-a-porter (including a more sensible navy option), here are my top 3 reasons why everyone (and, in particular, why I) should buy a Shrimps coat:

1. It's always cold somewhere. I might have to take an emergency trip to Svalbard and it's important to be prepared.
2. The coat itself is totally fantastic. The faux fur is sumptuous. The collar is huge and glorious.
3.  Everyone needs some extra fun in their wardrobe.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

the sheaf

This (not-quite-a-whole) outfit post is a combination of my excitement for the matisse cut-outs exhibition at the tate modern, weird cut-outs courtesy of a christopher kane jumper and the tedium of studying. When I wear this jumper with a shirt, it feels like wearing the school uniform for a primary school in the Fifth Element. Without a shirt, it is definitely not school-appropriate.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

some thoughts on: facecare

Up until recently, my approach to my face was so low-maintenance that it must have bordered on neglect. Very little make up and probably even less basic care. But as Pharrell and my mum have both said "You have to take care of your skin". Given that 1. both my mum and Pharrell both have crazy good faces, 2. I feel like I've been a non-student for long enough to justify grown-up things like face-specific moisturiser and 3. I'm trying to buy fewer clothes this year (those excess funds need to go somewhere), 2014 seems like a good time to start taking care of my skin.

So I am trying to be diligent but my efforts have been haphazard so far. I'm exfoliating semi-regularly, I've been known to whack on a blemish-clearing face mask when I can remember, sometimes I even use toner before moisturising. And while I'm not convinced that I've achieved the sort of glowy smooth nirvana that an Aesop store seems to promise, I have to admit that I enjoy the process of looking after myself. Remembering to wash my face at night feels strangely synonymous with being a capable adult.

I still don't really wear much make up - because if I feel a bit tired and grumpy from working too hard, then surely it's better for me if my bare and spotty face very explicitly says to the big wide world, "I feel tired and grumpy from working too hard". But maybe (just maybe) it's got a little bit of a Pharrell-esque glow to it now.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

hanging with the beuys

Today I'm bringing you a tightly edited selection of low-quality outfit snaps inspired by the common theme of "looking slightly aggressive in front of things". In reality, I'm feeling A-OK at the time of both photos as I am 1a. standing in front of one of my favourite Joseph Beuys' works in the Pompidou Centre, 1b. standing in front of lots of stuff I own in my room (spot the clothesmoth spray!) and 2. feeling super cosy. I'm a big wimp so staying warm is higher on my list of priorities than looking catwalk ready. I have been diligently wearing two pairs of socks, leggings under trousers and, for those desparately frosty days, a leather jacket under a coat.

1a. Margaret howell jacket and trousers; comme des garçons top; converse; celine trio
1b. Weekday trench; acne leather jacket; meadham kirchhoff x topshop dress; american apparel shirt

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


1. chloe sevigny x opening ceremony jacket, charles anastase shirt, doc martens
2. opening ceremony pink knit top

Just a quicky - I got some new levis and am throroughly enjoying the relaxed fit. My thighs can breathe and I feel like an extra in a John Hughes movie.

Sunday, 4 August 2013


My summer style reference has been "sassy japanese ceramicist'. The recent heatwave and my aversion to flashing flesh forced me to think hard about what i could wear without melting completely on the tube. No crop-tops or short-shorts or any other hyphenated rhyming clothing for me unfortunately/fortunately. Instead, I turned to practical smock tops with lots of pockets (for my turning tools, obviously) and easy, breezy cotton pants. Loose and airy. Simple combinations causing minimal fuss in those hot hot mornings. I like to hope that I gave off the vibes of a practical woman. That's not even the best bit - I'm pleased to confirm that the smocks and cullottes also work perfectly in our current damper times. I think my imaginary sass-bomb ceramicist role model would be proud.

Saturday, 15 June 2013


Christopher kane top, monki trousers, comme des garcons rubber shoes

This is what I'm wearing RIGHT NOW. This is an exciting statement for me because I usually feel like this blog is constantly playing catch up with actual life. Feeling inspired by the Margaret Howell talk at the V&A last night, I took the plunge with these rubber shoes at the Dover Street Market sale this morning. They feel very practical, as if I could go for row in the sea at a minute's notice, but not too serious or polished. Perfect for english summer days (anyone else get caught out in the torrential rain a couple of hours ago?).